Rapper IDK and Credit Karma launch contest to help forgive $ 10,000 debt


Credit Karma personal finance company and rapper I dont know unite to launch a contest to help Gen Z erase their debts and manage their money.

Participants will be asked to provide details of their personal debt quest. They need to share how they got into debt, what they’re doing to get out of it, and how they got over their debt, according to Qnewscruch.com.

They could be one of five people who have the chance to win $ 10,000 to help them exhaust their debt by entering the contest,

After the competition, Credit Karma will launch “Midday with IDK,” a YouTube-based talk show to help young people manage their money. Hip-hop artists BIA, 24kgoldn, DJ Millie, Buddy and Zach Bia, allegedly will make appearances.

Credit Karma believes the YouTube show can “help normalize conversations about money and let people know they’re not alone on their journey, while also helping a few people make real financial progress.” Forbes reported.

IDK says his money management training started with a video game he played in sixth grade that highlighted the fundamentals of making money by being a merchant. Players could earn a virtual Santa hat that gave them status in the game, which the rapper likens to today’s NFTs or non-fungible tokens.

IDK thanked Credit Karma for helping educate her on money matters: “I was addicted to Credit Karma, I used it weekly to learn about the importance of credit and literacy. financial. “

Others have also benefited. Some 35% of Gen Zers (21 to 25) and Millennials (26 to 40) reported using Credit Karma at least once a month, based on a consumer study conducted by Cornerstone Advisors.

Partnering with Credit Karma is not IDK’s first rodeo related to financial management training. Earlier this year, the rapper reportedly taught a 10-day course at Harvard University, educating young aspiring musicians about the peculiarities of the music world.

Tag @creditkarma on social media and use #contest to submit your application.

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