Black Knight’s Optimal Blue PPE Delivers Deep System-to-System API Integration with Freddie Mac for Significant Value for Mutual Customers


JACKSONVILLE, Florida, March 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Dark Knight, Inc. (NYSE: BKI) today announced that it has completed the integration of its industry-leading Optimal Blue PPE engine with Loan Selling Advisor® application programming interfaces (APIs) from Freddie Mac. By connecting the two in real time, the Optimal Blue PPE further improves efficiency and secondary marketing processes by fully automating the pricing of Freddie Mac loans.

The long-awaited integration, available to all Freddie Mac sellers who take advantage of the Optimal Blue PPE, allows users to take advantage of automated processes to easily access and price Freddie Mac loans. The previous authentication process has been replaced with a simplified setup that provides quick access to robust features hosted on the Freddie Mac platform. Additionally, the integration enables common customers to increase pricing accuracy, increase operational efficiency, shorten turnaround times, and scale more efficiently.

“In a market that demands efficiency, precision and automation, we are proud to offer this integration with Freddie Mac’s loan sales advisor and enable joint clients to price these loans as efficiently as possible,” said Scott Happ, President, Black Knight Secondary Marketing Technologies. “We remain aligned with Freddie Mac’s commitment to deliver compelling innovations and position our mutual customers at the cutting edge of technology. “

Freddie Mac’s Loan Sales Advisor is also integrated with Black Knight’s Resitrader and CompassPoint ™ solutions. Through this variety of collaborative efforts and integrations, Black Knight delivers an efficient end-to-end user experience for loan officers and secondary marketers who deal with Freddie Mac.


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