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Loan without repayment

You may be wondering how it is possible to take out a loan without repayment.

What requirements must be met if I want to take out a loan without repayment?

Of course, every lender wants the loan to be repaid at some point. For example, it is possible for you to assign a life insurance policy or a home savings contract to the lender. When the repayment term is over, the bank can stick to the home savings or life insurance policy. These may be contracts that existed before the loan was taken out. But it is also possible that you conclude a home savings or life insurance policy to replace the loan. Then you can see the monthly deposits as a kind of payment for the loan.


The contributions you pay in this case anyway. So you do not have to be taken as an additional burden in purchasing. It is reassuring to know that in the end the loan will be replaced with the money from the home savings or life insurance policy. In times of low interest rates, this means that you only have to pay a very small monthly installment . So you still have enough money left for livelihood and other expenses.

Compare loans without repayment

As with any loan, it is important that you also make a comparison here. This is easily possible online. If you know the amount of the loan, you can easily figure out what monthly rate you have to expect if you only pay the interest. You can then very nicely calculate how much loan you can afford.

Choose for a bridging loan

For a loan without repayment, the entire loan will be repaid at the very end. Until then, the monthly installments consist only of the interest due. This means that the debt settlement at the end of exactly the amount that was originally borrowed. Such a loan is particularly suitable for interim financing. In other words, those who now have to make a big spend and are expecting a big income in the near future, can resort to such a loan.

Especially when moving a redemption-free loan is an option. Even buying the new property without being able to sell the old one usually proves to be very difficult.

Even when buying a car or other comparable major purchases such a loan is a good option. However, the loan institution will usually insist that the borrower can demonstrate how he wants to repay the loan at the end in one fell swoop. Getting a loan without repayment, if you can not provide any collateral, should be extremely difficult.

Fair interest rates still have to be

In the case of a loan that is repaid without repayment but only fully settled at the very end, only the interest is repaid during the term of the loan. However, such interest rates may be slightly higher for such a loan than for repayable loans. If you are looking for such a loan, you should be aware of it, but still not accept the first offer that it encounters.

Because this form of loan is ultimately a special courtesy of the loan institution and there are certainly providers who want to beat it from additional capital in which they levy on such loans even higher interest rates. The proportionality should always be given.

Comparing multiple providers is an absolute must for a repayment-free loan. Those who can provide collateral and also have a good loan rating, can expect to receive better conditions for this type of loan. Incidentally, such loans are also called bullet loans. In terms of interest rates, these maturity loans are to be critically examined for another reason: for here, the total amount of the loan always bears interest.

Choose loan with flexible repayment

Between loans with rigid installment repayments such without any eradication there is still further scope. Some loan institutions offer their customers even more options. However, these must always be clearly fixed in the loan agreement and agreed between the two parties. In such a case, it is often possible to suspend the repayment of the installments for a month or two and push the entire repayment backwards a little.

Although such a loan is ultimately paid back in the classic way with eradication, so that the last monthly installment is the same as the previous or just the slightly smaller balance, it still proves to be more flexible.

If it gets financially tight in a month, it can get a moratorium from the lender without any reminder fees or extra costs. Of course, shifting the full repayment will give you slightly higher interest rates. Normally, however, some reliable and punctually repaid rates are required before one or two months can be suspended.

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