Loan Consolidation

How does it apply for a loan?

You would like to apply for a loan, but how does it work and what happens after you have requested a free quote?

 Step 1. Calculate your loan and request an online quotation free of obligation

Step 1. Calculate your loan and request an online quotation free of obligation

At our company you can apply for a loan online. You first choose the desired loan amount and the desired loan form: a revolving credit or a personal loan. You then choose the term or monthly payment you want to repay the loan. Once you have calculated your desired loan, you can request a free quote online. When you have completed the quotation, you will receive an e-mail within 10 minutes. In this e-mail we will inform you whether the desired loan is justified in your personal and financial situation.

Step 2. Upload provisional agreement and data

Does the desired loan fit your personal and financial situation? Then you will receive a free quote from us by e-mail. In this offer you will find more information about the loan form, credit amount, monthly amount and the interest rate. Do you want to make use of the offer? Then you can upload the signed quotation with a number of documents such as a recent payslip, bank statement and copy of ID in your own secure online environment. In your secure personal online environment you can see which information we need from you, as this differs per situation and per person. In this e-mail you will also receive a link to your personal upload page where you can securely upload all requested documents. When you have uploaded all documents, your loan is not immediately definitive. We first review all data and on this basis we assess the application.

Step 3. Our company assesses your application

On the basis of your application and the submitted documents, we will review your application on the basis of our assessment criteria. We look, among other things, whether you meet all the conditions for responsible lending. Below you will find a number of important assessment criteria at a glance:

1. Income

You must be able to prove that you have a fixed income, such as a salary. For example, you are not eligible for a loan with a student grant or WW benefit. We think it is important that the desired loan is justified in every situation.

2. Living in the Netherlands

Only residents of the Netherlands can apply for a loan from our company.

3. Complying with financial obligations

From the documents and data you provide, such as a bank statement, we have to be able to determine whether you can meet your current financial obligations by paying back the loan properly.

4. Minimum and maximum age at the conclusion of a loan

A minimum and maximum age applies to the taking out of a loan. The minimum age to apply for a loan with our company is 21 years. The maximum age for taking out a revolving credit is 64 years and 68 years for a personal loan. In order to avoid having a large credit debt at the start of your pension and on your old age, you must have repaid the loan before your 70th birthday.

Step 4. our company will transfer the money to you

After we have reassessed all documents, you will receive a final assessment by e-mail. If your application is approved, we will transfer the desired loan amount to your bank account. It takes about 1-2 business days before the money is in your bank account.

Step 5. Welcome 

You will receive a welcome e-mail from us in which all details of your loan are explained once again. You also get access to your own personal online environment; My our company. Here you can arrange everything for your loan safely and easily online. To be able to use Mijn our company, you must first register. You can easily register for Mijn our company.


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